The VLSI/ASIC Design Laboratory is a research laboratory for integrated-circuit (IC) design researches. Our research activities cover numerous hot topics in analogue, digital and power-management IC designs. The laboratory is equipped with precision voltage/current meters, PSA series spectrum analyzer, wideband injection transformer, current probes, temperature and humidity cabinet, wideband oscilloscope, arbitary waveform generator, Sun Ultrasparc workstations, etc. for design and characterization of integrated circuits.

Current Research Topics

  • Analogue Integrated Circuits
  • Asynchronous Communication Links
  • Body Area Network
  • Mixed-signal Integrated Circuit Design for Data Conversion, Telecommunications, and Biomedical Applications
  • Network-on-Chip
  • OFDM-UWB Digital Transceiver
  • Power-management Integrated Circuits
  • Real-time Object Detection
  • Structured ASIC